Our Applications Cover Diverse Corporate Markets

I’m, John Frazee, SEO Specialist & Content Creator

I create custom digital marketing campaigns for my clients through my company Love.Marketing.

Custom digital marketing campaigns.

I help companies increase brand visiability and drive traffic and sales.

AI Generated Art

As an artist, I employ a blend of AI platforms to produce diverse styles of content that are generated by artificial intelligence. From training ai styles to promt engineering.


With more than two decades of experience in professional photography, I merge my expertise in portrait, fashion, fine art, product, home services, landscape, panoramic, 360, and 3D photogrammetry to create a comprehensive portfolio.

Photo Editing

With 20+ years of Adobe Photoshop expertise, I adeptly edit digital images and upscale fine art captures for high-quality reproduction.

Our Applications Cover Diverse Corporate Markets

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I Love Creating Content, I Love Marketing.

Why Choose My Services?

Easy, it’s free to request a website audit and find out how you and your competion ranks on google.

My art is printed on high quality materials

All of the artwork that I create is 100% unique and original, produced collaboratively by myself and my computer. Using my keen eye for artistic composition, I then upscale the art with the help of AI. Additionally, I personally curate and hand-select all of the artwork.

  • Posters of Polar Bears Wearing Santa a Hat.

  • Posters of Casltes in Mountains with Water Falls.

  • Posters of Abstract Geometric Landscapes.

Ensuring your images are sharp

My photography process is quick, simple, and sharp.

My passion for photography, photo editing, and creating high-quality, high-resolution images has driven my recent work with Airbnb. By merging photo bracketed images, Adobe RAW editing, and stacked images, I produce well-composed and perfectly balanced images with super sharp detail and lighting that clients adore.

Ensuring Your Life is filled with Fun

Need a Custom Graphic Design?

From kittens in baskets to pirate ships made of doughnuts. We can create the perfect custom poster for your home or office. Contact Us.