Video content produced for SEO

Several videos produced weekly for SEO service

Making Videos for SEO

Videos are produced for SEO services. The videos are created very quickly, branded with a logo, uploaded, embedded, shared and seo’d along the way.

Each video is captured with the Samsung Note 4 in 1080 HD mode(not 4k). The entire 30 second clip is captured without editing by pausing the recording before I move to the next shot. After I transfer the video clips to my surface pro 2 I import and begin editing the clips in Adobe Premiere CC. The reason I shot the clips in 1080p and not 4k was because I want to produce, edit and upload, as fast as possible. “Quality Content Fast!” Also the 1080p is stabilized and I’ll use 4k when the inner weebs can support it. So, once the videos are branded with text and logo they are exported and uploaded to Youtube. Each Video being completely filled out and branded with track back links. The videos are then embedded into Websites, Blog and Social posts with corresponding SEO.

Sample of SEO video produced:

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